Travel Roller® -  1ft Roller

Travel Roller® - 1ft Roller

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This Is How We Roll

The Travel Roller® is the premiere and original high-performance foam roller, designed and developed in Canada. The Travel Roller releases and loosens tight muscles using self myo-fascial release techniques (foam roller) on the floor or against a wall.

The Travel Roller® has two layers of closed cell human-friendly foam wrapping a permanently stiff inner core, providing the correct firmness and diameter to get deep into the belly of the muscle. The foam coverings do not use glue, and therefore are replaceable and recyclable. The 13″ x 4″ Travel Roller conveniently fits in your gym bag or suitcase.

The Travel Roller® has a hollow storage compartment, inside its permanently stiff inner core. This storage area can carry personal items and also stores 3 different density acuballs, included in the Travel Roller® Acukit. The Acuballs are brought out of the Travel Roller for even deeper and more specific trigger point muscle release.

Travel Roller® Technology:

  • Extra firm inner core
  • Double soft outer cover
  • Washable/Waterproof
  • Highly Durable
  • Ergonomically correct size
  • Guaranteed Form Retention

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